Canvas Wall Art for the Bathroom

December 19, 2014

About three years ago I took a road trip up to Vermont during the peak of the fall foliage. A friend and I had decided on a whim to go visit Burlington and feast our eyes what nature had to offer. We spent a wonderful, albeit very cold, weekend exploring Burlington, visiting with friends and enjoying the scenery. The morning of our journey home, we stopped at a farm surrounded by mountains of bursting color. As we wandered around the farm munching on donuts and sipping hot apple cider, I snapped pictures with my old SLR camera. Though I was using B&W film, the way the light bounced around the valley as the sun rose in the sky was spectacular, and made for great picture taking.

A while later, I developed the film and spent time in the dark room picking the perfect picture to print. I decided on a picture of a broken-down tractor surrounded by trees and mountains, which paired nicely with a thin black frame that complimented my red, black and white bathroom color scheme.

After a while, I started to notice some changes to the print. It started to buckle in the middle. The glass would fog up after showers and the condensation would stay stuck behind the glass, obscuring the picture. Some time after that, the print started to bubble with water damage. Utterly disappointed with my poor bathroom decor planning, I took the print down and was left with an empty wall and an unsightly nail sticking out of it.


canvas in bathroom 2

Ugly nail+blank wall


My search for a suitable replacement took a while, now that I was wary of what could happen with framed pictures and prints.

Turns out, the wall art from Laural Home was the perfect answer. The Bedazzle Ebony Waverly print coordinated beautifully with my bathroom color scheme. You may be thinking … canvas?? How will a porous material such as canvas hold up to bathroom wear-and-tear?? Well, Laural Home’s canvas wall art is gloss-laminated, so it is protected from crazy bathroom weather patterns. I didn’t have to worry about any fogging up or any weird warping. If it gets too much condensation on it? A simple, gentle swipe with a clean rag takes care of it in less than five seconds. It is durable enough to withstand the constant temperature changes that are bound to happen in a bathroom.

Looks awesome!

Looks awesome!

So, even though my picture I had taken did not fare too well in the home I picked for it, I now have a lovely and high-quality canvas that will last me much longer. Guess another trip up to Vermont is long overdue! 


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