Styles We Love: Marbling Art

February 08, 2018

The “Marbling” technique is a trend that has been emerging in all aspects of design during the past few years. Everywhere you look, from fashion to accessories to even food, the trend is present. Aside from these areas, marbling is also making an eye-catching statement in our area of expertise: home décor. This fad is showing no signs of going anywhere and we are perfectly okay with that! We put together this informative blog to help you understand how the marbling technique originated, how to decorate your home with this technique, and how a local neighborhood spot is using this technique to put a spin on their commodities.

Marbling was first discovered in Japan during the twelfth century. It is believed to have originated by accident, when an individual dropped ink in the water. Thanks to science, the ink floated to the surface and radiated whirls of color in the water, which intrigued the individual to dip a piece of paper into it. When he or she pulled the piece of paper out, an alluring wave-like image of colors remained on the paper. From there, marbling became a treasured form of art that eventually spread to Europe, where different cultures used various formulas to create diverse marbling techniques. Who would have thought that such an accidental and simple discovery could turn into such a popular fashion statement?

We fell so in love with the marbling technique and it’s history that we decided to reach out to a few artists who created some fascinating designs. The result? Luxurious digitally printed shower curtains, pillows, memory foam mats, and duvets, all show casing rich and vibrant pigments that flow perfectly together to create a mesmerizing colorway of waves.

Through our observations, we’ve established that marbling’s bold pattern also makes it extremely versatile and a fun pop of color to accommodate many décors. Here are a few ways we would suggest incorporating our marbling products into a bathroom, living room, and/or bedroom:

For the Bathroom:

Our “Gray Marble” shower curtain.

Who doesn’t love a gray, black, and white combination?! Personally, we can’t resist it, so we reached out to artist Nancy Green to feature her art on our shower curtain.

How we recommend styling it: This whirl of colors would pair well in a bathroom with all-white tiles, marble or granite countertops, and some black or gray/silver accents (such as knobs, mirrors, and towels). How #CHIC could you possibly get? 😉

For the Living Room:

Our Persimmon II Marble decorative pillow. The free-flowing red, orange, and white lines on this pillow are not only elegant, but mesmerizing as well. It is sure to get the most attention of any accent piece in the room.

How we recommend styling it: Set 2 or 3 of these abstract pieces of art by Nancy Green onto a white couch with other solid pillows to match. You can make your room stand out by having other bold red accent pieces or you can tone it down by sticking with neutrals for a simpler look!


For the Bedroom:

Our Turquoise Marble duvet cover. For those who need a break from the black, white, and gray color way, cuddle up with this duvet cover, which almost resembles a relaxing turquoise and green Caribbean Sea. The soothing colors that artist Nancy Green incorporates into this duvet cover are sure to help you drift into a relaxing sleep.

How we recommend styling it: This duvet is versatile when it comes to what to pair it with. However, our favorite way to style this would be with a soft, neutral-colored wall, light-colored wood furniture, and airy turquoise window curtains. How it’s displayed in the photo below is quite perfect as well!

Click the link here to check out all of the Marbling products we have to offer!

Where we Spotted the Marbling Trend Outside of Laural Home:

As we were writing this blog, we stopped into our local bakery: La Promenade in Tenafly, NJ and happened to spot a baker applying the marbling effect onto a cake she was designing. The baker, who we see as more of an artist, not only marbleized the cake she was working on, but she also incorporated the pantone color of the year: ultra violet. Was this a coincidence? We will never know! Nevertheless, this made us super happy and made the cake even more appealing, so we couldn’t help but to snap a few photos of this edible work of art.


If you're in the New Jersey/New York area, be sure to check out La Promenade or visit their website.

Thank you for reading our blog and we hope we have inspired you to step out of your comfort zone by including some marbling in your decor! Be sure to leave your opinions and photos of this fad in the comments section. We look forward to seeing them and hope you are going as marbles over marbleizing as we are! #marblesovermarbleizing

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