Multi-Purpose Shower Curtains

August 13, 2015

We believe there should be a number of ways to fill your home with art (in addition to framed pieces and canvases), which is why all of our bed & bath items here at Laural Home are artist-designed. We've translated our artists' visions into shower curtains, for example, so that you can bring a relaxing landscape, a pop of color, or inspiration to your bathroom. These designs aren't specific to the bath, and you can even use the curtains in different rooms — they're multi-purpose! This is particularly helpful for college living, where space and resources may be limited. See below for some ideas on creatively using your shower curtain to personalize your room. Keep in mind that if you live on campus, some dorms have restrictions on hanging fabric from the wall or ceiling.

Use a shower curtain as a decorative wall hanging.

Bring a pop of color to boring white dorm walls! With a large decorative hanging serving as the focal point of your room, you don't have to worry about covering your walls with smaller decor. A shower curtain can be an inexpensive alternative to a large framed art piece or canvas wall art. Try it in your suite's common area or hallway.

For the world traveler: hang our North America Map Shower Curtain on your wall!
Create a vignette with carefully curated old-fashioned items for a vintage look.


Our Enjoy the Ride Shower Curtain looks
awesome in our 
customer Nate's entryway!

Make an artistic room divider.

Use a shower curtain as a fun room divider. If your bed is lofted, you can hang a curtain from the bed's edge and create a private workspace by moving your desk here, too. Even if you don't have a roommate, a divider can be a fun way to create more "rooms" within your space.

We love how our customer Veronica used our
Marrakesh Shower Curtain as a divider in her common area!

Cover your closet.

Many dorms have open closets, but you can use fabric to cover this up. No matter how organized they may be, closets often look cluttered, so a decorative cover will help your room look more pulled together.

Awesome idea from our customer Stacy, who used our
Pink Kaleidoscope Shower Curtain to cover up her laundry area!

Use them as window curtains.

You can easily insert window curtain hooks into the openings at the top of our shower curtains. If your dorm comes with neutral-colored curtains, you may want to replace them with a bolder print. College is the best time to have fun with decorating! Try a colorful abstract or floral design, a world map, or an inspirational phrase.

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