Coastal Crab Decor

June 23, 2015

My family's beach house is full of crab decor. And it's not just because it's a common coastal symbol. We just really love crabbing, so whenever there's a chance to stylishly incorporate this image into our home, we'll do it. We're constantly on the lookout.


This decor gives me a touch of nostalgia; I think of old memories of summers at the beach with my family. I'd run down the dock every day when I was younger, chasing after my dad, eager to see what we caught. My brothers and I must've scared a lot of them away as we were constantly pulling the traps out of the water, even after they'd just been checked. Our favorite thing to do, though, was watch my dad's Uncle Ernie — he was the expert. Like clockwork, he'd drive to our house every morning, and then again in the evening, to check for crabs and transfer the "keepers" — which he could recognize with a quick glance — to our holding trap. He was fearless. He never hesitated to grab a crab by the leg and toss it into the bushel, despite the fact that he'd sometimes get pinched (in which case, he'd curse like a sailor). No one loved crabbing more than him, and it was evident in his apartment, which he filled with crab-adorned knickknacks, kitchen items and other decor. Whenever my family spots a crab decoration, we think of him. 

I've always believed you should decorate with what you love. And I'm not just talking about using colors, patterns and designs you find are nice to look at. Those things are important, of course. But I also enjoy surrounding myself with decor that has meaning to me. Whenever I can, I try to incorporate symbols and images that hold significance. Crabs are a classic coastal image often used in beach houses but for my family, in addition to being stylish decor, it helps us remember our uncle. (This symbol also helps us embrace summer; we love the beach!)

The coral and navy in this shower curtain by Stephanie Marrott give this bathroom a fun, stylish look; it's a classic coastal color combination. The wall art (Fresh Seafood II & Fresh Seafood IV)  makes us feel like we're at a crab shack down by the beach!

A lot of people have certain images that they choose to fill their homes with, for whatever reason. Maybe it's something that held significance to one of your loved ones, or something that symbolizes an important period of your life. These are the kind of things that help make your house a home. 

Is there an image or certain type of decor that you love to decorate with? Let us know in the comments, or send us pictures to be featured on Laural Home! :) 


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