Swap Winter Blues for Colorful Hues

January 26, 2015

Winter days on the East Coast have a certain beauty to them but with the short days and bitter cold, it can get a little dreary. Much of the color is drained out of nature leaving a lot of dark hues and greys. The crunch of ice and snow is a familiar sound and only the hardiest vegetation survives.

While flowers might not be growing outside in the winter, that doesn't mean they have have to be absent in your life! Floral home decor brings the beauty of flowers into your home. Where plant life hides in the winter, floral decor can brighten your home all year round! Similarly, bright colors and interesting patterns energize you from the inside out. What better than to come in from the dark dullness of winter to a house that is full of just the opposite.

Kick those winter blues out the door with Laural's colorful home decor! Here are some of my favorite bright and cheery items from Laural!

A classic but fun floral design from the renowned Waverly brand. These colorful flowers and bright birds are sure to brighten up any room! Try hanging in a room with a lot of windows to let the winter sunshine illuminate the vibrant colors of these canvases. (Shop: Candid Moment ICandid Moment II)

While the background to these gorgeous canvases is a little dark, it makes the creamy white petals of the flowers pop, giving them a realistic quality. The light color and sensual lines of the petals give a sense of rebirth and innocence, therefore symbolizing the spring to come. They are perfect centerpiece in an otherwise dreary room. Try hanging these on light walls in an entranceway. (Shop: Gardenia Blossom; Magnolia Blossom)

Floral caricatures can give a young and energetic feel to any room. The vivid, clear colors pop off the canvas and are sure to bring out a smile on even the coldest winter day. These would go perfectly in a kitchen, closed porch or close to a vanity to remind yourself every morning that spring is right around the corner! (Shop: Jar of Sunshine I; Jar of Sunshine II)

While bright canvases are the perfect thing for blank walls, make sure you don't forget about the rest of the house!


Bright floral pillows can bring an old couch or armchair back to life! One of the great things about these pillows is that they are reversible. This makes it possible to mix and match sides and allows you to change it up every once in a while with a simple pillow turn. This pattern is fun, summery and a perfect way to lighten up a room. (Shop: Summer Floral I; Summer Floral II)


Playful pillows don't have to be kept in kids' rooms! These charming pillows would be perfect in a reading nook or on an office couch. Additionally, blue is a calming, meditative color that can soothe and help focus. Again the reversible aspect makes for great mixing and matching so it never gets boring! (Shop: Sunshine Moonshine; Sunshine)


Nothing says spring like pinks and purples! I just love this pattern; it reminds me of a vast sun-drenched country field filled with delicate flowers. Pair these with large solid pillows to really get them to pop. (Shop: Couleur Printemps II; Couleur Printemps III)


You may think shower curtains aren't important but they are! Shower curtains are almost always noticeable and are typically the centerpieces in a bathroom. So, with that in mind, what better way to revive a boring bathroom than with a statement shower curtain? First you want to figure out what mood you want to set, and think about who is going to use it. Is it for a teen? Go with something something fun and bold to let them express their personality (or inner angst). With guest bathrooms go a little more traditional — but not too much! Pick a curtain that will please any guest and make them feel at home; a bright floral or fun pattern always works. (Shop: Seasons Change; Good Day)



What better than to come in from outside, shivering and cold, than to crawl into a bed of flowers! These two duvet cover and sham sets are light and bright, great for adding a little color into any bedroom. From curling up with a book mid-afternoon to sleeping in on a snowy Sunday morning, they are sure to bring cheer, comfort and warmth to the room. (Shop: Flowers & Ferns; Hand Lettered US Map Color)



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