The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

January 16, 2015


The kitchen is my favorite room in a house. And no, not just because it feeds my love of food (pun intended). But it's true, the love for food, and the love for cooking, brings family and friends together — whether it's a holiday, special occasion or just a casual weekday dinner.       

Wednesday nights have become kind of a fun and special night for three of my closest friends and me. What started out as excitement over a new Crock-Pot has turned into weekly dinners made alternately by each of us. Each week we go to one of our houses for dinner and while the meal is typically prepared ahead of time, we spend most of our time in the kitchen with the cook, laughing, talking and enjoying each other’s company. We congregate around the counters, sample the food, help out with any preparation and excitedly wait to eat whatever the hostess of the night has whipped up! 

The kitchen plays a big part of our ritual and brings us all together. People tend to forget about decor for the kitchen but it is important to make your kitchen warm and welcoming! You never know the impromptu dinner parties, Christmas cookie baking or culinary discoveries that could occur. The kitchen truly is the heart of the home!

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Perfect for:

- The Barbecue Master -
Hands off the grill! They've got it under control. Typically found with a "King of the Grill" apron, covered in charcoal dust and with an insane gleam in their eye.

- The Veggie Lover -
Carrots, peas, peppers — no one makes a veggie stir-fry like this person. They can chop onions like a pro and their ratatouille brings tears of happiness.

- The Gardener -
No meal is complete without a little bit of fresh seasoning from the garden! Whether they're using thyme, rosemary, mint or parsley, they know the perfect pairings to make a dish really pop.

- The Morning Bear - 
The "Don't-Even-Look-at-Me-'Til-I-Get-My-Cup-of-Coffee" person. It's best to avoid this person until they are at least well into their second cup — but after that they are a ray of sunshine!

- The Chef -
You don't know how they do it, but every meal looks straight out of a five-star restaurant! Typically a combination of all of the above, they rule the kitchen!


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