Use Color to Boost Your Mood!

February 15, 2015

What you choose to surround yourself can have a major impact on your mood, and one of the easiest ways to manipulate this is to take advantage of color psychology. Each color has a different effect, so when choosing decor for a certain room, you can think about what feeling you'd like to convey — whether you'd like the space to be calm, stimulating, etc. There's no need to change wall colors or entire color schemes; just a couple accents, such as a wall art piece or decorative pillow, will do.


Blue creates a restful and meditative environment. Use it in a bedroom or bathroom for a serene setting. Studies have shown that it also promotes focus, making it a great hue to incorporate in an office or study. Just keep in mind: dark blues can evoke feelings of sadness, so opt for warmer, lighter blues instead.

Waverly Lotus Lake (Pool) Creative Art Canvas



Green is another color with a calming effect. Because it's known to make people feel restful and balanced, health spas and doctors' offices often use it in their waiting rooms. Green would work well in a kitchen, living room — really, anywhere in the house.

Waverly Charismatic (Honeysuckle) Creative Art Canvas





Red is the color of passion. It raises energy levels and excitement, and it's even known to stimulate appetite — making it an excellent choice for the kitchen.  

Waverly Belle of the Ball (Punch) Creative Art Canvas




Orange is a warm, welcoming color. It's also known to stimulate creativity. Energetic, yet cozy at the same time, this color can be incorporated into a bedroom or dorm.   

Waverly Artistic Twist (Agave) Creative Art Canvas




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