Montreal-based art director Alain Pelletier has been in the poster and licensing business for over 25 years. Alain started in the business as an owner of a stationery company with broad distribution throughout North America. Alain's keen eye for art direction helped launch his licensing business, Pela Concept. Alain loves to art-direct his team of artists to create new styles and images for the home and gift markets.

Pela Studio is made up of like-minded artists based in the US and Canada, combining current trends and classic design to create a unique style. Using its knowledge of home decor, client feedback, and sharp eye for style, Pela Studio creates custom imagery to fit nearly any look or program. With combined experience of over 30 years, this studio group of artists creates an ever expanding portfolio of successful artwork — and has fun doing it! Its mission is to allow consumers to express their creative side and bring new and unique styles to the home.

We are thrilled to translate Pela Studio's vision into your space.