Fluidity™ is artwork guided by gravity, resulting in beautifully fluid organic waves of engaging color. Growing quickly in popularity, “acrylic pouring” is on the Pinterest list of 100 Emerging Trends for 2019, and the Fluidity™ brand is leading the way!

Fluidity™ is the forerunner and leading authority in the “Acrylic Pouring” trend! From soft and serene to vibrant and bold, a complete and stunning library of gorgeous Fluidity™ designs are available for licensing.
What is Fluidity™? Very simply put... pouring, puddling or dripping acrylic paints using gravity to move paint across a canvas. The results are fluid organic waves of color without any brush marks.

Designed by CA Studio in Vermont, the artist enjoys handcrafting these unique pieces in her cozy studio. She is inspired by the natural movements, combinations of color and the spontaneity of the ever-changing designs. No two are ever the same. There are hundreds of gorgeous designs to choose from... experience the complete library of stunning Fluidity™ designs here.