Edward John Wargo is a life-long resident of Edison, NJ.  He enjoys the hustle of the area in contrast with his otherwise quiet, simple lifestyle.  Edward grew up in an old house filled with old things - not just antiques but memorabilia, old signs, magazines and advertisements. As a result he tends to gravitate toward those things in his life and art.

He completed the commercial art program at a local college and continues to work there as a teaching assistant.  Ed also works as a free lance artist often creating logos and advertising tool for various organizations.  He’s won numerous awards both scholastically and artistically.  His philosophy toward art is “whatever it takes” – pencils, pastels, markers, computer, etc. He’s willing to incorporate any medium necessary to capture his vision. His uncle Edmond and father Edward were both excellent artists who strongly influenced him. They would be very proud of this Edward and the work he’s doing today.