• WinterPrint

November 17, 2017

WinterPrint artist photo

Aileen Winter Mostel & Barbara Wallace Winter launched WinterPrint as a surface pattern design business to market Aileen's repository of mesmerizing images. 

Natives of the Deep South, their ancestral roots have influenced the fundamentals of WinterPrint. They have crafted a family business based on a lifelong love of textiles, gardens and design. WinterPrint finds its inspiration from nature & commonplace objects. Behind every pattern exists a story and from that a reflection of the wonder just beyond our doorstep, transforming objects of daily living into things of beauty.

Aileen's artistry, combined with her love and respect for the natural world, has inspired her to create spectacular photo-graphic representations through her artistic lens. As managing director, Barbara’s appreciation for design and style has been a lifelong trait. 

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