• Vision Studio

December 15, 2020

Vision Studio is the in-house design and creative engine for World Art Group led by design directors Julie Holland and Jennifer Goldberger. Our Designers Chariklia Zarris, Megan Meagher, Ethan Harper, Erica Vess, Tim O’Toole, Grace Popp and Naomi McCavitt; our Graphic Artists; and our Embellishment Artists are a talented team with advanced degrees in Painting, Printmaking, Illustration, and Textiles. Working in every medium from digital illustration to oil, watercolor, acrylic, collage, encaustic, printmaking, and pencil, they have the breadth and flexibility to fulfill the diverse needs and custom requests of our varied customers. Spanning genres from traditional and transitional to contemporary, their work encompasses Hand Embellished designs, Signed Limited Edition fine art prints, Open Edition prints and Printed in Color images. They also design proprietary lines for picture frame manufacturers, publishers, retailers, catalog companies, hospitality companies and various licensors around the world.

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