• Todd Williams

November 06, 2019

Todd Williams was born and raised in Carthage, Missouri, a small community filled
with history and fine artists. Todd’s artistic talent became evident at an early age when he was in elementary school a watercolor he created of the Missouri State Capitol was chosen to be shown on a national television show called, Stand Up And Cheer. Encouraged throughout his school years by instructors, family and friends to continue exploring and developing his natural abilities, Todd earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art from Missouri Southern State University.

Upon graduation, Todd began his career in the field of graphic art. He has worked as an art director, graphic designer and photographer for several large product manufacturing companies.

Although Todd has spent many years building his career in graphics, he has never
lost sight of his true passion, creating fine art. He always finds time to paint, sketch,
or photograph the world around him. Todd enjoys creating art in the mediums of oil,
pastel, acrylic and watercolor. He uses rich, vibrant color to bring life and inspiration
to his art and design pieces. As Todd explains, “If I can capture through my artwork a mood, a feeling that compels the viewer to reminisce about a place they’ve been, or just reaches out to them, to me, that’s a success. That’s what I want to achieve.”

Todd currently resides in Neosho, Missouri with his wife, Tamie, son, Alex and
daughter, Kaitlyn.

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