The ART of Marbling – by HRJ Design Studio

Marbling is an ancient art form dating back to the 11th Century that used “floating inks” as a form of mediation and deviation. HRJ Design Studio has traveled around the world studying these distinctive techniques and learning from the world’s leading marbling masters.

In modern day marbling, floating paints on water are mixed with a seaweed extract. Intricate patterns and unique designs are created by working the liquid with a variety of handmade tools; then laying paper, fabric or wood gently onto the surface where the image then permanently transfers to the material.

HRJ Design Studio has developed a stunning trend-forward portfolio of marbling patterns, ranging from the simple organic ‘stone’ patterns to the more complex, highly intricate feather-like designs. These ONE OF A KIND patterns are brought to life by pulling them together into stunning, colorful collections of versatile artwork that can be used to grace everything from home decor, to stationery, to textiles, to apparel, to accessories, etc.

HRJ Design Studio inspires others to learn about the “Art of Marbling” by teaching classes at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis. “The wonder on the student’s faces as the paint dances across the liquid surface and magically transforms before their eyes is priceless and so rewarding. I love sharing my passion for The Art of Marbling,” noted HRJ Design Studio.