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Laural Team

Caitlin knew she wanted to have a career in the home decor field ever since she was introduced to the HGTV network at a young age. She attended McDaniel College where she studied Studio Art with a concentration in painting. With a strong interest in textile design and a flair for color, she graduated in search of a job that would allow her creativity to roam. She found just that at Laural Home and is constantly searching for new art, creating new textiles and figuring out what to Lauralize next. Her favorite websites include Pinterest and GoogleMaps. She loves anything mustard colored and has a tendency to buy one too many jackets — you need one for every type of weather!


Kathy, or Kate, was born and raised in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University, where she studied Journalism and Media Studies, English and Digital Communication. Aside from correcting copy and writing lengthy papers, Kate enjoys creating handmade cards, practicing calligraphy and other artsy things, so being at Laural allows her to work within a range of some of her interests. Outside the office, Kate binge-watches Glee, relates life to Britney Spears songs, yelps local Starbucks locations and thoroughly enjoys the idea of dessert.

Shannon was born and raised in New Jersey and is a graduate from Monmouth University.  After obtaining knowledge and experience in the administrative and home décor field, she landed a job as the Customer Relations and Office Coordinator at Laural Home.  Outside of the office, she loves exploring the outdoors, traveling, cooking and watching the Dallas Cowboys win every Sunday.  She feels that there is nothing more important than making memories and enjoying a good conversation over some food and wine with family and friends.  She is thoroughly obsessed with her two dogs, coffee, and exemplifies her artistic ability through her unnecessary makeup collection.

As our unofficial mascot at the Laural offices, Tucker spends his time sleeping in strange positions on his favorite Laural dog bed, giving the UPS man a piece of his mind and enjoying the belly rubs that come with being the office dog. He is a bit camera shy but he loves chasing wild animals, long walks in the woods and secretly getting fed from the table.