The Laural Family

The Laural family has over 110 years of experience in the home furnishings industry.
Starting from our factory in lower Manhattan, to present day, our experience has grown with the changing world, enabling us to sell to major retail stores and individual customers just like you. Our Grandfather started in 1910, selling textiles door to door; in the Mid 40's he took a road trip to a far away place called California. Who knew there and throughout the middle of the country he would find a new frontier of customers. So today with the 4th generation involved, we take the show to the latest frontier, POD (print on demand printing), the newest computer generated, innovative way of doing business. So intense is the technology, it involves you, the customer, to be able to create the one of a kind custom made product, with volume pricing.
Our Grandfather, Louis, started importing goods from the far east, specifically China. The world  turned, then two of his children, Emily and Emil, took over the business, and opened several factories. One of which was located in mid town Manhattan, right next to the Empire State building, making American made goods!  But China and India took control as the 70's, 80's and 90's took hold. Our American factories were closed, lay offs incurred, and business in China boomed. 
But in this generation, we are bringing JOBS back to the USA, printing, cutting, sewing, warehousing and shipping on good old AMERICAN soil!  How proud are we, generations of textiles folks, keeping the product designed, made, and shipped from our home, America.
Now we have shared our family's story with you, so help us to help you create yours. 
Thank you from the Laural Home Family.
P.S. The name Laural is a combination of our 4th generation family members-- (Lauren and Alexander)
Thanks From the Laural Family!